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What is DSIFAS?

DSIFAS is an internet-based funding administrative system for managing the funding schemes of the Design Support Programme (DSP) under the Design Smart Initiative(DSI).

To rationalise funding arrangements for the creative sector and enable resources to be used in a more co-ordinated manner, the DSI and the CreateSmart Initiative (CSI) were consolidated by phases commencing June 2011. The Design-Business Collaboration Scheme (DBCS), one of the schemes set up under and funded by the DSI, was placed under CSI with effect from 24 May 2013. Applications under the DBCS received on or after 24 May 2013 are funded by the CSI, and administrated by the CreateSmart Initiative Funding Administrative System (Design Support).

The system provides on-line support for DBCS applications remained under the DSI, including revision for submitted proposals, approved projects management and report management for approved projects.

To login the system, please enter your “User ID” and “Password” at the top right menu. If you cannot login, please click here.

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